Dark Chocolate Bark Peppermint Chia Crunch
ALL ORGANIC Rustic shards of dark 75% chocolate, with a crunchy, peppermint vegan brownie inside, sprinkled with organic chia seeds. This chocolate can be eaten straight from the pack or fantastic paired our cacao teas, or crumbled over a smoothie bowl....
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Pure Cacao Grated [200g]
Pure, organic, single-origin cacao, grated. Ready to scoop and melt into a hot cacao drink for a gentle, energising lift without the jitters. Make yourself a hot or iced cacao with this pure cacao, or use it in baking or...
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Pure Cacao Block 200g
Organic, single-origin pure cacao for chopping and melting to make an energising hot cacao drink. A mini version of our original pure cacao block, in a nice little 200g size. Perfect for dipping your toe in the world of cacao.   Make yourself...
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