Benevits Gel 30ml
Benevits Gel Contains diluted form of clove oil which has been tested to the highest standard It has been both micro-biologically tested and stability tested It is sugar-free Contains: Aqua, Vegetable Glycerin, Sucralose, Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, and CLove Bud Essential...
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Amber Anklet for Children
Baltic Amber Beads.  Child size wrist or ankle.  The traditional best seller.  Wearing Baltic Amber beads against the skin is a natural remedy to ease ongoing continual pain and inflammation.  Simple, natural and easy to use, it promotes a calmness...
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New Vistas Children`s Homeopathy
Homeopathy helps the body maintain a natural balance by stimulating its OWN healing energies, strengthening the immune system and promoting good health by considering the whole person. Therefore, physically and mentally aiding the body to heal and encouraging awareness of ones...
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Amber Necklace for Children
Natural effective pain remedy for your child.  Quality Bean Shape Baltic Amber Beads.  Maximum skin contact.   Genuine Baltic Amber Beads Bead Shape: Flattened Bean Shape Bead Colour: Golden honey Length: Available from 31cm to 34cm Can be used as a...
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