Macanta Curcumin with Black Pepper 200mg
  One of our best sellers for an inflammation issues from joint pain to digestive problems!....and its Irish!! -------------------------------------- **GOLD WINNER – RUDE HEALTH AWARDS 2021** Curcumin is an extract of the plant turmeric (curcuma longa) and it is this...
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Macanta Multi-Complex with Co-Q10
A recent addition to the Irish made Macánta range, Multi-Complex with Co-Q10 is a high potency multivitamin product suitable for everyday use. This unique formula contains over 30 top quality ingredients, including 75mg of Co-Q10 and 125mg of Vitamin C...
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Macanta Quercetin Complex 90 caps
  We love to support an Irish brand!! And quercetin is a must have for anyone with allergies. If you suffer from hayfever start to take quercetin in spring before the pollen count gets too high. Quercetin helps support your body and...
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Macanta Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10 30caps
  We love to support a fellow Irish company, especially a natural supplement alternative! ------------------------------------------- Red Yeast Rice with 100mg of CoQ10 has been formulated for healthy blood cholesterol. Each capsule provides 5mg of Monacolin K along with 100mg of...
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