Lets chat winter wellness and sleep!


Hey guys hope ye are all doing as well as can be expected in these crazy times! Its been forever since i sent a blog so thought today would be the day lol PS second time doing this lost my 1st one!!!(pass the wine)


Ok so MENTAL HEALTH & SLEEP, are our top 2 topics with customers for the past few months and i wanted to chat about what can help.... So myself personally have been finding the stress overwhelming the past few months and find it hard to keep upbeat all the time, so i wanna share a few things ive done and who knows if it helps one person...

So 1st thing i done is disconnected from the news as personally it was lowering my mood and wasn't benefiting me listening to such negativity day in and day out! It has really worked for me and my kids not being aware of what's going on either is a major plus as my 5 year old would comment a lot if he heard it which broke my heart!

I started to practice yoga locally on a Monday and Wednesday night it was the 1st thing I've done for myself since having Julian and i really found it help me to destress and unwind... as i hadn't actually realized i went from work to home to work to home everyday really and was stuck in a rut! So even if its out for a walk really try do one thing a week you'd be surprised how good you will feel.

I started myself on the Stressveda supplement which is an amazing all rounder for mental health with organically grown Ashwaghanda, a B complex of vitamins, it also helps with tiredness and fatigue! It come in a capsule and a box is a month supply

I also started to diffuse essential oils in my Oil burner every evening which was great to help unwind, my fav is Sleep and relax which is a blend created by Irish Wellness Lady Suzie from Mookie and Boo to help you relax and have a peaceful sleep

Peace and Calm is my absolute must for them hectic days! Its amazing for anxiety and stress, it contains alcohol(whoop lol) comes in a liquid form but works immediate giving that warm calmness to the body... it an amazing alternative to conventional drugs and also a fantastic Irish brand


Annnnnnnd saving the best until last........ Sweet Dreams my fantastic wellbeing product ive just launched this month

so its a self heating eye mask infused with Chamomile essential oils, once opened place the cotton eye mask onto your eye placing the loops around your ears, lie back relax and let the warmth from the eye mask soothe your tired eye and breathe in the absolutely beautiful aromas of Chamomile.... I have been working on this over a year and will be stocking throughout Ireland next year Its top class!


So thank you so much guys for taking the time to read this, i really hope ye are doing great, sending ye the biggest hugs and don't be afraid to reach out to me for anything at all even the chats, we are all in this together, mind yourself 


Julian turned 2 on Monday here's a lil pic of him holding my eyemasks lol

Love Jen xx

use code JEN20 as a thank you for 20%off all the above products






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