Summer Allergies?- We`re So Ready! 🌞


Here comes allergy season, time to get your body ready!

We have actually had a lot of customers tell us they had allergies over the winter. Maybe our sinuses are more sensitive this year? Who knows! Whatever is happening, it is important to “prime” our body early so that we don`t suffer during the summer. Priming your immune system means giving your body something NOW so it can fight off allergies LATER!

I have only had hayfever since I was 17; ten years later I now have dust and grass allergies as well! My allergies were so bad last September I got a blood-allergy test from my doctor, just to make sure it wasn`t something more serious. The product I have found the best to bring down all the sneezing and itching is Quercetin.

You might have seen Quercetin being mentioned around social media, basically it is a super antioxidant taken from foods like green apples, onions and buckwheat. It is recommended to take at least 300mg for Quercetin to work properly. I like the Viridian Quercetin because it has nettle and other plant extracts inside. We also have the Macanta Quercetin with Vitamin C, D3 and zinc. These 3 nutrients boost your immune system and therefore lessen allergies. This would also be great for someone who has been sick over the winter or hasn`t taken any D3 supplement.

Quercetin is our main recommendation but we also have other great products for allergies. Jane loves the Irish Botanica All Seasons Complex. She found it amazing to clear her sinuses and stop her eyes from running; she is going to keep taking it for the next few months. She also takes Reishi, a mushroom in capsule form, as she finds it helps her immune system adapt to allergies

The A.vogel nasal sprays are so handy for immediate relief. The Pollinosan spray is especially for itchiness. The Sinuforce spray is for a blocked nose, and is also suitable during pregnancy.

A new product we have this year, already with great customer feedback: Dr Clare React Tea, the perfect blend of herbs to boost and soothe your immune system.

If you have a sensitive digestive system like me, this is this next piece of info is very important. If you heal your gut, you can heal your allergies! This is something I have only learned recently that I wish I knew sooner!! Studies have shown that people with poor gut health like IBS, constipation and diarrhea regularly, have worse allergies. Enzymes in your gut body help break down histamines (which trigger allergies), but if your gut is not working properly, it might not have enough enzymes to do this! I have started taking an enzyme supplement, Acti-zyme as I`m already taking a probiotic. If you are not taking anything for your gut then I recommend GI Total Digestive Wellness, such an amazing product.

Lastly, essential oils. If you have dust allergies get yourself an aromatherapy diffuser they are brilliant. I could not live without my Nature of Things Eucalyptus oil, it smells amazing but also helps stop sneezing and frees my airways.



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