Mothers Day gifts:)



So its Mother's Day soon and I've decided what better way to share some gift ideas but with my own personal favourites:)

So becoming a mum with Jacob in 2016 i realised that selfcare kinda went out the window lol, but second time around with Julian in 2019 I have always tried to practice selfcare 2 or 3 times a week and it honestly makes all the difference! I know its a lot easier said than done but for me I feel so much better after a really hot soak in the bath:) 


When opening healthy house, Gift Hampers were a priority for me as there is so much unique wellness products you can gift that cant be got anywhere else, mixing and matches the best products to suit your needs is what we are all for!  This month myself and the girls released a few  Special Healthy House Hampers designed for mothers day 


1. Sleep and Relax this is a gorgeous hamper to help relax and unwind after the little ones have gone down to sleep, It full of all Irish brands and includes Seaweed bath flakes, lavender and rosemary pillow spray, soya Neroli candle, Relax aromatherapy body oil which i absolutely adore and also use on my kids before bed:), there is a healing bath bomb and a roller ball for balance:) its a really unique beautiful gift for the mums on the go 24/7 and rarely spend time for themselves


2. Pick-me-up Positivity i don't think there is a person that couldn't do with the pick me ups with what's going on in the world right now, i am normally always so energetic and lets do this but the last 2 months I've struggled a lot and found I felt I had a hit a slump! for me getting a bath in evenings are a must and lighting candles.. for some its walking or running so i pieced together a gorgeous uplifting shower gel the smells are amazingggg, along with an uplifting rollerball for pulse points, lemongrass candle really boosts the mood, tea, chocolate, honey bomb which is really comforting with massive health benefits and a stress busting room spray.


3.  Wake-up and Refresh brighten up your mornings with an awakening nutritious bowl can be added to porridge, smoothies or yoghurt for a boost of energy, an energizing facial toner spray, detox body oil, a body soul tonic spray along with an affirmation to start off your day on such a positive mindset:)

 Or if you would like to personalize your own just give us a quick ring or message us on fb or Instagram with your price point! Hope ye like them and thanks so much for taking the time to read this l'm proud I've another blog ticked to my list:) Jen x

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