2021- Lets Talk Selfcare & Wellness


Happy New Year guys, Jen here! I am finally getting around doing a little bit of writing since my boys (Jacob and Julian) are back in crèche. I definitely appreciate a little bit more structure to my day; it really helps my mind-set and concentration. For the New Year I want to really get into doing up some quick blogs with products I use every day with my family

It`s that time of year that we all need a bit of self-care, especially after the year we have had. It is normal to feel a bit down or unhappy at this time of year and it is so important to look after your body and mind, as naturally and positively as you can. I am all about using as much natural organic products on and in your body as possible. Your body will thank you!

I thought it might be useful if the girls and I could give our favourite Whole Body Winter Wellness Products


Irish Herbal Products (detox & women's issues)

First of all, I love the Dr Clares Apothecary products. 

Dr Dilis Clare is Ireland's only GP and Medical Herbalist combined. Her products are very quickly becoming some of our favourites to use daily!

I have been drinking her D-tox Tea since just before Christmas and I find it light and easy to drink. I also don`t feel as bloated and sluggish as I usually would after Christmas, plus my skin is much clearer than usual!!

You get your full daily amount of herbs in large tea sachets, so it is brilliant value, you can brew and drink it throughout the day! I put mine into a stainless steel bottle and carry it around with me.

I also take her Women`s Blend which helps you deal with any women`s issues. I see a huge difference in my mood, I think it especially helped to balance my hormones after birth. We have the 2-week supply available and we have gotten fantastic customer feedback on it.



Top Brand of Probiotics

The Super 8 Probiotic is my personal favourite. I took this during both my pregnancies to give me a boost; it is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is brilliant for digestion and immune-support. At this time of year, especially after the Christmas feed, our digestion and energy can become sluggish.

Super 8s have lots of gut `friendly` bacteria, helping to balance your digestive system and get you back to feeling healthy.

Digestive Issues, Bloating, IBS…

If you are someone who suffers with IBS issues like constipation on and off, taking a strong probiotic would do your gut the world of good.

Louise takes

  • Every day she takes the Viridian Synerbio 40+ probiotic as it is high-strength and also has Aloe Vera inside which is a great combination.
  • A bottle of our Aloe Pura Bioactive Aloe Vera Drink with Botanicals every few weeks to aid digestion and soothe the system.
  • As well as this she eats a high-fibre breakfast with good quality flaxseed from the shop, plus it keeps you fuller for longer!


Immune Tonic & Herbal Cleanse

Once your digestion is back to normal it might be good to go for a high-anti-oxidative multivitamin to help your body to fight off any colds or flus and a natural herbal cleanse to rid your body and gut of toxins.

Our two best-selling, and my two personal favourites, whole food vitamin tonics are

  1. Natures Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid and
  2. New Vistas Whole Health Immune Complex.

The Liquid Gold is a super combination of 120 wholefoods for a burst of energy.

The Immune Complex is packed full of active ingredients, mainly minerals to improve your body`s immune response.


For a natural herbal cleanse, Jane uses the Flor Essence and finds it works brilliantly. She says you feel your energy levels go slowly up over the course of taking it. The herbs work together in this daily tea to safely flush any toxins out of your body. It is recommended to drink it after Christmas and before summer.


Mind Your Mind

I strongly believe our mental wellbeing is just as important as our physical. One of the biggest impacts the winter has on us is low mood.

This is often called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD and the symptoms can be anything from low energy to over-eating. To combat this we have recently started to stock the Lumie Vitamin L SAD Light. You just have to use it for 30 mins to recharge and get your daily dose of light therapy.

Aromatherapy & Wellbeing

Lastly, I can`t talk about wellbeing without mentioning aromatherapy. It has always been a passion of mine and I use it with my two young boys in our day-to-day routines.

As soon as I come in the door of my house turn on my diffuser with blends of lavender, bergamot and lime as it relaxes my mind.

When I am putting the boys to bed I rub Yogandha Relax oil on the soles of their feet to help them have a restful sleep.

For me, a bath is my “Me-time”. I love the Dublin Herbalist Bath Bombs and Weleda Rosemary Soak. For bed I adore pillow sprays. My absolute favourite one at the moment is the new Herb Dublin Lavender and Rosemary Pillow Spray.


I have a sign in my shop saying “if you don`t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” and I still whole-heartedly believe this. You have to look after yourself from the inside out, it will obviously differ depending on life events or times of the year, but it is always SO important.

Jen x


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